What is the difference between Favourite Designs and Special Design?

With Favourite Designs, you choose one of the design templates which will then be textually adapted for you. With the two Favourite Designs "You and Me" as well as "Matchstick You & Me", a portrait is included which will be drawn individually for you (for more information, see next question). By choosing Special Design, a completely new design that never previously existed will be drafted especially for you.


How do you do the personalized portrait?

You send us some typical photos of you which you feel are a good likeness of you. So not the one photo where your curls are straightened and you're wearing contact lenses instead of your usual glasses. It doesn't have to be a photo of the two of you, individual photos are fine. 


I like Favourite Design XY, but I have minor modification requests?

Sure, we can do that, for instance a format modification, other colours or other fonts. Just talk to us and we will send you an offer.


We would also like song sheets, name cards, time schedules, our wedding decoration, the wedding website and and and ?

You know what? We can do nearly everything. And we love packages with all the frills. The more the better. And we have best contacts to photographers, programmers, print operators. All experts that you need for your planning. Just tell us what you have in mind and we will make a package offer.


Anything else to bear in mind?

Colours of the prints may differ from your monitor display. A colour binding preprint is possible, however associated with extra cost and increased production time.  Let us know if you wish to do so.


Can I also order from abroad?

Yes, for an additional charge, we dispatch abroad as well. When sending your inquiry, please let us know where the journey is going.


Do you speak English? 

Yes, we do.